Urgent Safety Notice - Stoves


Perhaps a controversial view, but anyone who uses as stove or fuel lantern deserves a Darwin award . . .
How is this deemed urgent?


Someone needs to ensure they are seen to still exist … must be annual review time.

I always thought that the lantern mantles burned hot to ensure complete combustion, ,otherwise there would have been many thousands of deaths on caravan holiday sites in the 60s and 70s.


Nothing will combust fully if there’s insufficient oxygen.


there is nothing new in this instruction.

as stated it is in the manufacturers instructions.

are we expecting a urgent safety notice to wear seat belts, and to open doors before walking through them???


Actually I’ve just read up on mantles (Thanks Wikipedia) and they don’t burn at all but rather uses the qualities of rare-earth oxides to glow brightly when heated at a (relatively) low temperature.

Nothing to do with ensure the heat source has no emissions.


This was a safety notice issues across the entire MOD. It is NOT just for the RAFAC.


Yep we all appreciate that it didn’t come from RAFAC, still rediculos to issue an Urgent safety notice saying “despite the manufacturer instructions saying not to, we’ve been using them in enclosed spaces. Oops”


Then what may I ask is the point in whining about it on here?


the same point for anything we whine about - to let out the steam of frustration amongst a similar minded population…?

in truth there is no point to ever whine on these boards, except that there is the knowledge that HQAC to peruse these boards and have reacted to what is posted


but as stated; it has come from The Defence Safety Authority, with directions to all three Services, and all Cadet organisations. They decided upon the level of urgency, NOT the RAFAC.

I guess some people just like to whine and moan about everything and anything.

RAFAC are simply forwarding the same information that will have been sent out to RAF, Navy and Army.
Lets look back in regret when the next service person or cadet who BBQs themselves because a warning didn’t get sent out.



If it came to the attention of those who issue safety notices that there were a number of people still regularly not wearing them, then yes - why not?


The wearing of seatbelts is law, therefore it is not an issue of safety whereby an item of equipment is discovered to be faulty or no longer suitable for use, as is the case with these particular types of Colemans.

A Safety Notice came out about seatbelts last month to the wider Army, Navy and Air Force, but as those seatbelts, or the platform they are fitted to would not be used by Cadets, no point in sending out the safety notice to Cadets.

Again, why are people just looking for things to whine about?
It’s a safety notice so that people don’t get BBQd. Some are clearly more sensible and intelligent than others, but as ever, consideration has to be given to the lowest common denominator, and their safety.


I think it’s actually so that people don’t get gassed, but agreed otherwise.


OK, either way, burned or gassed. I’d choose neither!


Except that is not the case. . . The notice acknowledged that the personnel have been trained to use these stoves in confined spaces despite the manufacturer instructions being otherwise.
It’s well known that gas stoves can give of carbon monoxide as an exhaust gas, not faulty, nor fit for purpose, just training against original safety advice.

And yes @Monkey, we all appreciate that this hasn’t been put out by the RAFAC, and that discussing it in here will make no difference whatsoever.


That’s refreshing


Wait for it… It’ll be time to worry needlessly about the radioactivity of gas mantles again next…

…And then maybe Donald will get involved again, getting thoroughly confused between Tritium and Radium and telling us that we must all wash our hands after handling NATO compasses because they contain Tritium light sources.


Regardless of the source it was poorly written and led to more questions than the problems it will solve.