Urgent Message from the Commandant

Received this morning

From OC Wg
To: All Wg
Sent: 1 Apr 2022 08:30

Please see below

From: D RHQ
To: OC Wgs
Sent: 31 Mar 2022 16:30


See below from RC for distribution to sqns.

From: RC
Sent: 31 Mar 2022 14:30

Please issue this update to OC Wgs.

From: CAC
To: RHQs
Sent: 30 Mar 2022 12:00


Please promulgate the following to squadrons:

Following a recent accident report, all “high risk to life” activities are to be suspended pending review. This includes all Flying, Gliding, Shooting, AT, D of E, Road Marching, and Fieldcraft activities.

Further, all forms of transport are now also to be considered “high risk to life” activities, and may only take place once the appropriate assurances and training have been completed. RCs will provide further advice on this matter over the coming days. Until this point, no forms of transport (including by foot) are permitted.

As a reminder, a thorough risk assessment must be completed by a suitably qualified member of staff for all “high risk to life” activities before the activity takes place. Activity commanders with “high risk to life activities” planned for the next week (including those requiring transport) must review their risk assessments before the activity takes place. Once reviews have been completed, the amended risk assessment that accounts for the above accident must be submitted to RCs for approval.

I know that this will be disappointing for some, but we must continue to strive to eliminate all risk within the organisation. I have no doubt that by adding further paperwork we will be able to achieve this goal.

Thank you for your understanding.


It is worth noting that ACTO 010 does not list flying, gliding, shooting as “high risk” activities and so confused why these are included in the list - but then this has come from the Commandant and why should that mean it would be logical?

I will however review the RAs as instructed straightaway and make sure they are dated with todays date to confirm my speed in reaction

I will be reverting back to my previous RAs at noon today.


Danger of some of these April fools is that it’s too realistic so could be taken seriously.

If it started adding in that would be high risk such as aero modelling without correct PPE or that everyone needs an eye examination for any vision anomalies before conducting air recce then it would be more fun (& allow people to get the joke eventually)

April Fool is all about bait&switch and the Wah! Game :slight_smile:

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A very wise and measured response. Paperwork is a key tool in achieving our organisational ‘zero risk’ goal.

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Anyone else recieved this one?


HQAC are concerned that there are significant proportion of incidents that result in an injury happen when walking around the Squadron buildings, and not are related to any specific task. This has prompted us to organise some training. Redacted Wing have been selected as the first group in the roll-out of trial training.

The ½ day course comprises:

*Musculoskeletal understanding – what happens to your body when you walk
*Injuries that can occur from walking and how to avoid them
*Maintaining control when walking, and staying in your “safe zone”
*The health benefits of walking – getting those steps in safely
*Common hazards encountered when moving about, inc. negotiating steps and doors safely
*Walking outside, and the additional hazards that might be present
*Recognising weather conditions that can make walking more risky, and when not to go out
*Walking speed awareness – when to slow down
*Tips on safely changing direction when walking, signalling intention to others and managing corners
*Choosing footwear – shoe sizing explained, and the different systems used
*The importance of tying shoe laces properly, and some good knots you might like to try
*Putting your best foot forward - guidance on determining which one is your best one
*Shoe selection - left and right does matter, and how to remember which one is which
*The importance of shoe colour – do brown boots always go best with MTP , or is black sometimes a safer option?
*The importance of sock colour - are white socks ever a practical option?

Please let the Wing H&S Officer know if you would like to take up this training opportunity…


My favourite is.

We shall need a correctly filled in risk assessment before cadets can use washing up liquid.

Only cadets trained in the use of washing up liquid can participate, and correct PPE must be worn at all times :wink:



Am surprised that because of 3 flakes of snow yesterday we didnt get an ALL STOP message.

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Ah, you see Snow isn’t an issue, because we have the Climatic injury videos. Because we all know that those videos prevent climatic injuries altogether.


“Protect yourself, protect your mates - stay at home”

Now THAT’S the slogan the government should have gone with 2 years ago :rofl:


I wouldn’t joke about this I was told once that we needed an RA and COSHH for household cleaning agents, I told them to do one.


The worrying thing about these is you can see the Ivory Towers seeing them as an idea bank.


I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with one of your posts so much! :grimacing::sweat_smile:

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Funny you should mention that - If I ever get invited to any I’ll let you know how it turns out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

Was this a joke ?

I stopped some of my cadets from going to AEF and another bunch from going D of E training after reading this. Hope they don’t find out that’s why it was cancelled.


:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I hope youre joking?
Always Always wait for it to come down from your chain of command.


I’d have thought the fact that it purportedly made its way neatly down the chain of command in a timely fashion would have identified it as an April Fools’?




Yes sir I am joking, as was the OP :upside_down_face:


Phew! Bet Squirrel’s relieved now!