Updated Risk Assessment

Buried in an email from our RSA about Risk Assessor Courses was this delight.

The new style Risk Assessment Form, the 5010( C ), will be introduced on 26 April 2021.

Does anyone have sight of this do I need to hang in anticipation?

PM me your email and I’ll send it

Is it not just this one?

Pretty much, just with cadetty words on it.

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I guessed as much! Assuming the delay in wider release is the sign off from some legal eagle at the MOD? Also is there any news on when it will be required by? I see it will be introduced 26th of April but hoping that doesn’t mean I’ll need to start using it on the 27th…

Given recent ability to fail at keeping to promised timescales, it will probably only be released in May.

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Could it be any different in formatting.

Not exactly a simple cut and paste job.

@JoeBloggs fancy going into business setting up an internal PowerBI / PowerAutomate dev consultancy? :wink:

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It’s what we’ve all been saying is required for years. A massively overdue change.


If I finally get a weekend off work this weekend I might have another go at automating it. If I get it working I’ll share :stuck_out_tongue:

The only issue I can see is these assessments don’t require as much information as they use the matrix, but even just auto generating the names with the hazards could be good!


Ah, perfect.

More admin to keep me busy…

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One more task to add to the list of admin to get done to help the boss re-start the Sqn before handing my uniform back!

Essential admin to keep you from breaking the law!

This is NOT a task that HQAC expects to be done overnight.

Old style RAs will be valid until they naturally require a review, but that will be no more than 365 days after the (to be released) IBN is issued.


It is to bring us in line with the wider MOD.

Can we please make sure that’s sent out to every WHQ in bold, underlined, size 72 font?


That email came from me to instruct new staff on an RA course.

Old style RA forms will be acceptable until they require a review (after 1 year, after an accident, or a complete rewrite for significant changes).

If the IBN is released on 26 April 2021, then all RAs should be on the new form by 26 April 2022.


Yes… but if we leave it, I can guarantee a rush to complete it on 25 April 2022!

A wise manager would start planning between April 21 and April 22.

There will come a point when all SMS applications will need the new form anyway, so it’s going to be a gradual process.

The form itself has not yet been officially approved by Training and Development, so I’m unsure which one you’re sending, or where you got it from.

It’s a draft sent to me via the TSA. Clearly people will need to use the correct form when it is formally issued, but no reason why they can’t have early sight now to familiarise themselves with the format. Not like it’s a secret - it’s just a slightly amended 5010.