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Please please please
When we move to UNITS and LEARN is in place, can we please have a 1 page dashboard showing at least OCs but would be useful if frankly all staff, the current status of all mandatory training as per acto99.

This way i as oc can have the appropriate MI to chase my staff and ensure acto99 compliance, without having to check each staff members profile on sms / UNITS individually.

If all staff can see this dashboard, it will encourage compliance.

Its hard enough as an OC as it is. This piece of better MI, will massively help.


(BTW the new aviation report function is excellent.)


I think OC and ADJ should be a minimum as the rest of the CFAV should be checking Volunteer Portal. I know this is not always the case though, hence the OC and Adj overview would be ideal

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You will be pleased to know the mandatory training dashboard view is already in place for units. We trialled it as part of the new applicant process for permanent staff to be able to finalise the appointments and have now modified it ready for going in to units. I think, but will check, that it will be available to anyone that has an established role on the unit. The below image is sample data from our development database:

Glad the aviation report is proving helpful!


Come on @Ben_Wakefield , there’s quite a few there that need completing!


@Farmerdan :smiley: my volunteer portal has green ticks across the board!


Its great when you have access to the code :wink:


I was gonna post something about suspension blah blah blah


Happy? :wink:

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Leading from the front… Good stuff!

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So just to confirm.
This view will eventually show a row per staff, civ com, reg civ com, o18 cdt, padres and SIs
All on one page?

If so. I salute you for your supreme efforts and present you with many thanks.

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It currently shows staff, padres, SIs, reg civ com. It doesn’t include o18 cdt and civ com right now, but will do, just need to programme their mandatory training requirements in to the database.


All on one page!


And the doves were released and the clouds parted…


Pretty sure that Perm Staff can see this already in Admin Portal, but agree it needs to come to volunteer side as well :slight_smile:


For bonus points @Ben_Wakefield can you please make all the training indicators to a RAG status.

Say green more than 3 months remaining.
Amber less than 3 months remaining
Red out of date.

That would help even more.

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It’s on our list but unlikely to come out in the initial release. We want to do the same for the VP individual dashboard too so will do both together.


That’s great. Thanks

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Have closed it because answered by @Ben_Wakefield

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