Uniformed Staff Attending Civ Com Meetings

Does anybody know the ruling regarding a member of uniformed staff attending Civ Com meetings?

My OC or a nominated rep attends every single one of our Civ Com meetings.


As OC I attend all my Civ Comm meetings. In the past other staff have been in to pitch their purchase or to give clarity on some money they are asking for or a project they are wishing to undertake. I would say there would need to be a purpose for the attendance. Another purposeful example would be for CPD for a staff member.


agreed - same at our Sqn

As OC i will usually attend, if I’m not available I will send my Deputy in my place.

But the real question is who has a vote…

I don think any CFAV dose? maybe the CO?

No. OCs and Padres are ex-officio meaning no voting rights. They are part of the committee to report on their relevant areas.

I ask staff to attend (with the committee’s approval as it’s their meeting) as and when necessary. Might be to introduce them as they’re new, might be to better explain why we want a certain piece of equipment and they’re the SME that requested it.

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Our Civ Com has a CO’s report and H&S update on their agenda for each meeting.
As OC I usually attend for the whole meeting, but at busy times, pop in to do the the bits I’m needed for.

I attended everyone of the meetings as OC. If we wanted cash for a certain project then the staff member in charge of that was required to go along and discuss too so that the questions could be fully answered.

My committee is a bit low on numbers at the moment, but when we have had more normal numbers I have always attended as OC unless something major got in the way, and any other Staff member who needed to attend, for example to brief committee on something specific did / does. Never been a problem, and goes an awful long way to build bridges and foster good relations.