Hi all, so what would/ should happen if there is a cadet that comes to parade night with horrific uniform and has been spoken to about this. Could anything be implemented? Thanks


Well first of all, you’d help them to try and rectify it. Do they know their uniform is god awful or are they just misinformed/uneducated in how to prep it. Have a chat with them and ask them if they know how to do their uniform, and if they don’t then fair enough, if they do then tell them they have until the next parade night to fix it or there will be consequences (lost flight points or something minor like that)

Also make sure to check that there isn’t an underlying welfare issue stopping them from doing their kit.

All the best.


further training

bite size elements, right then Cdt Bloggs lets look at your beret
once they have that sorted, work on the shirt, or jumper then trousers etc…

when training ask them if there is something stopping them from doing this before, lack of time, or understanding, don’t just tell them off but understand why they are not meeting expectation


Thank you for your advice. I will definitely take it on board. Thanks again.


Thank you for your advice.


Good advice: maybe coming to the squadron is the only moment of stability or structure in their week and their home life is a mess - in which case, good luck getting to an iron or boot polish. As @steve679 says ask subtle questions to try to see if there’s a problem without making them uncomfortable, but if you suspect there is speak to the CO urgently as they need to be aware. (Even in my relatively privileged CCF world, I’ve had cadets for whom school was a welcome break from the chaos, or being a young carer, at home.)

Ultimately if they really can’t sort this stuff at home, is there provision for them to arrive a bit early and do their kit prep on the squadron rather than always feel they are letting the others down?

(Alternatively they may just be a lazy "£$% in which case consequences are essential!)