Uniform timescales

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Question to the more experienced members of the group. After a discussion with the OC about my progression within RAFAC and where I see my skills/experience being most beneficial to the cadets going into uniform is the route going forward on the back of that the OC has recommended me for a commission and sent the email off to the Sector Commander to start the process. This was over 6 weeks ago, currently had no Yes/No from Sector Commander / Wing, I appreciate things take time and we all have life/work outside of the organisation, the OC also has had no reply.
Our wing only do filter interviews at the end of each month, due to work commitments after this month I’m committed with outside events till September and wont be available to attend a physical interview.
Do I chase / follow up with the sector commander or just sit a wait ?

It’s almost as though this (uniformed) organisation makes it difficult to get into uniform.

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I would say there’s been a miscommunication somewhere / or it’s a local issue. We’ve just done a CI into uniform put in the Pers-10 on 28th May, got the Sqn Cdrs report to fill out on 31st May, and already have a date for her wing board.

Admitally I didn’t think it would be that quick I told her around 2 months from when we submit to having her board

This right here is your problem. It’s not the Sector commanders job.

Fill on the pers form 1-10, and send it to WHQ as per ACP 20.

Thanks, was just about to about get the form downloaded and filled out when was on the routine orders for the wing and it states application has to come from sector commander.

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Well, that’s a load of rubbish. The start of the process is you telling your OC your want to commission, then they, if they agree, email a pers 1-10 to WHQ with their supporting narrative. At that point Wing get involved for the filter interview. But that is unlikely to just be your sector OC…

  1. An individual who has an interest in applying for a commission, and meets the requirements of para 1 above, should approach their Sqn OC to begin the process. The following documents are required; Pers Form 1-10, Starter Checklist, Sqn Cdr narrative, Wg filter interview report (Pers Form 2-05) and a Rgn interview report (Pers Form 2-04). The applicant is to complete Pers Form 1-10 and the Starter Checklist and submit to their Wg HQ via their Sqn OC. The Sqn OC will forward the documents to Wg HQ along with their supporting narrative. Pers Form 1-10 is to be scanned and sent to the Pers Multiuser email account so that Pers staff can make the necessary checks to confirm the process may continue. HQ Pers will confirm, via the Bader Commission Register that the application may proceed. The electronic form will be deleted and not retained at HQ.

  2. Wg HQs are to then arrange for a filter interview to take place and the Board Members are to complete Pers Forms 2-05. Details are to be added to the Bader Commission Register.

  3. Pers Form 1-10, Starter Checklist, Sqn Cdr narrative and Pers Forms 2-05 are to be sent to Rgn HQ. The Rgnl Comdt will interview the applicant and complete Pers Form 2-04. This is the final recommendation and from which the date of commission will be taken. All paperwork is to be submitted to HQ Pers by Rgnl HQs for action.

If your wing is adding extra steps, challenge it.

I know our Wing have always requested that a WSO/Sector Commander carry out an initial meeting to allow them to unofficially sign off that the individual is suitable for the requested route (commission vs NCO) before going through to the Wing filter interview.

The last person who did this, it only took a couple of weeks to set up the initial meeting and a month or so afterwards for the Wing interview.

How long is the wait for regional board in your regions? Ours is apparently taking much longer than the rest of the process put together

Been told its around three months and done via teams

We had one at 3 weeks from Wing to Region board, normally the next month, or one after.