Uniform Images on the ACC Drive

Does anyone know if there are more images of cadets / staff in uniform, like the ones on the drive.

ACC Drive | Air Cadet CentralAir%20Cadet%20ResourceUniforms

I am making some cut outs for a drill course we are going to run, and the ones for the officers are a side profile and not from the front as is the case for the cadets and SNCO’s.

Many thanks

They also show VRT rank slides rather than the current RAF Air cadet tapes.

No unfortunately those illustrations were made by AirCadetResourses.com and the site is no longer available.

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Shame it disappeared.

I had loads of the resources from them, and even modified some of them to suit my sqn.

If the “front salute” poster is still around, it was of one of my cadets that they digitalised

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Why not improvise by using photos of your own cadets in the required positions, it may peek a little more interest within their ranks.

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