Uniform for teeny, weeny 12 year olds



And? Many people will live closer to an Army base (or possibly naval establishment) than they do an RAF base, so it will help many people. Not only that, but if we include reserve establishments then there’s also a good chance that kit can be collected at times more suitable for volunteers.


And they still need to have the right size for little people

(Subtley brining us back on topic!)


I doubt it, but then does the RAF really give a monkey’s?
I my about 37 years of kitting cadets and always struggling to fit small cadets into uniform, I would say the RAF doesn’t.


Uniform szes have always been a problem luckily my wife is very good at doing alterations for BLUE and MTP recently we had a very small cadet join his shirts were down to his knees so they have been tailored to suit and as he grows out of them they will be retained for future use i insist that all retuned uniform is laundered i then fold it bag it and label it and then put it back in stock ready to be re issued as necessary


We only keep uniform that’s been well looked after and isn’t tatty, but we would love shoes and would like cadets who leave to donate their shoes but they often don’t :frowning:


I keep very very little from cadets uniforms coming back, normally the jeltex, beret badge and brassard and possibly the jumper if its in top condition. Anything else that has been “next to skin” normally gets binned. Very occasionally they have been issued something brand new within a month of leaving we keep it, but only after getting a thorough wash.

As for shoes, we do have an exchange box of shoes and boots, to be honest we normally throw out half of shoes we get back in. Although all the shoes are cleaned thoroughly inside before re issue.