Uniform for sale

Evening all, looking to sell my old number 1’s as they’re a bit snug now.
Trousers are a 32 waist and jacket is 34/35 (imperial measurements).
In good nick except for 2 holes in the lapel from VRT pins.
I’m looking for about £100 but will consider offers.
PM for any questions!

No 1 Uniform for officers and WOs. Do not iron. O how I laughed.

The next time a SNCO requests that I need to iron my uniform I will point to the label and say look at point 4.
The NCO will then look at my trousers look at the label, again look at the trousers and then back to the label, look at me with a slightly worried look. I will smile and NCO will start to convulse and again look at the label then back to the trousers. Steam will then start to come from the ears of the NCO and they will disappear in a puff of logic.


Especially if they look at the label on their trousers and says it don’t iron.

Given many aren’t able to think beyond a set of written down instructions, if there were conflicting instructions, they would start uttering like a 1960s sci fi robot / computer, ‘does not compute’ ever more rapidly in a higher pitch until eventually they blow up.

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I washed my GPJ in the machine the other day, rather than dry-cleaning it.
I can be such a rebel some times!

You found an SNCO who can read?

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As a WO confronted with such an argument I’d just pull out the “I’m a tailor” card and tell them that the label is stating nonsense. There’s absolutely no reason not to use an iron to steam press the No1 uniform - it’s how wool suits are made in the first place!


Now loaded on ebay! Locked

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