Uniform enquiry

Should a cadet wear a beret outside of the parade square, for an example after a parade night waiting to get picked up outside the squadron premises?

Generally, your lid should always be on when you are in uniform.

However, when traveling to/from the Squadron, most units advise their cadets to remove headdress, and wear a normal jacket over their uniform. This is for security. This may well apply to cadets waiting outside the Squadron after a parade night to be picked up.


Thank you, what if a geltex is being worn and there is a clear view that it’s an air cadet?

There’s no real set rule to this, it’s all about judgement of risk/security. Speak to your unit staff. They should really have risk assessed cadets getting picked up outside the unit. This will vary massively dependent on your locality.

A Squadron in the middle of a city will likely have a very different ‘rule’ compared to a squadron out in the sticks. Likewise, a Squadron based out of a TA centre will have different rules to one that is just in it’s own building.

This is not a ‘one size fits all’ thing.

Just apply common sense to the circumstances. It’s not rocket science.


If it’s uniform, it’s uniform. A beret is worn outdoors. If it’s a civvie jacket over the top, it’s not uniform. A beret is not worn.

The question of whether cadets should be in uniform travelling to/from parade nights/events is separate.


this is a very fair definition


100% and I’d add that a belted is not a civilian jacket.

AP1358 only allows mixed dress when riding a bike; ACP1358 may differ.

Sorry, I disagree with this stance. It’s become another great cadetism that our people wear headdress all the time; wrong. You do not wear headdress at your place of work, so when you’re not on parade and are doing lectures or projects, no headgear!

And before we get the usual ‘but what about going into the office?’ - err, just put it on!! Oh, and if you’ve got to go outside, umm, put it on?

Wearing headgear all the time is an Army thing, the RAF don’t do it, cadets shouldn’t either.


Absolutely. When I said “100%” I was talking about outdoors, etc.