Uniform at funeral

I’m going to be at a funeral next Friday at would like to wear my uniform there. It is a civilian funeral so unsure if allowed.

I’m unsure of the written rule but I would say that it depends on the wishes of the deceased or their family.

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As said above, in all cases the family’s wishes are the guide, what you feel or want are irrelevant. I’ve attended a number of funerals where the deceased had uniformed service of one sort or another and it has been requested no uniforms etc by the family.

Would I ask about wearing a uniform for a ‘civilian’ funeral, quite simply no, as IMO it would be out of context.

i’d take the same view, if its a civ funeral of a civ who you knew through being a civ, then uniform isn’t appropriate. this is especially so if you’re thinking about wearing your uniform because its cheaper than buying a suit…

if its a civ funeral for, for example, an ex-CI or CWC member, them the judgement might well be different.

personally, unless you believe them to have particularly strong opinions on the matter, i rather doubt the family with give much of a toss either way, and i’d probably not intrude on the family’s most grim fortnight to ask what they’d like me to wear…

just ask yourself - who is it? how do i know them? and you’ll have your answer.

AP1358C offers the following

[quote]0111. Occasions on which uniform should generally be worn:

e. Participating in military parades e.g. Battle of Britain, Remembrance Day, Freedom Parades, and Military/State Funerals

Wearing of Uniform at Private Weddings, Civil Partnership Registrations and Funerals
0116. Subject to OC Wg / Wg Ex O / Sqn Ldr CCF HQAC approval and current security situations, personnel may wear No 1 SD at private weddings, civil partnership registrations and funerals. Prior to the event individuals are to check with their Wg/CCF staff who can liaise with RAFP or MOD Police regarding the current security situation. [/quote]

as indicated by other posters it is at the request of the family, but yes it can be done providing relevant hoops are jumped through

Digging this one up I’m afraid (probably the wrong turn of phrase given the subject!)…

More of an etiquette question, although I will check in with WWO etc too.

Sadly, I have a funeral to attend and will be wearing No.1’s. I wondered what the accepted etiquette is in regards to wearing headdress/gloves etc?

I didn’t know if there is any unwritten etiquette to be aware of?

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As far as I’m aware the only difference at a funeral is wearing a mourning band…all other behaviour is the same.

I’ve been to two funerals of CFAVs in No1s and that was the only difference I noted.
There maybe a suggestion of a salute but this maybe more suitable for those forming part of the guard of honour…

I’m not up to speeds with AP818 to advise further but others might be along soon to offer other answers from the book

Mourning band (black arm band) For WO and above only…

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