Uniform Alterations

Hi Everyone,

I know this will probably be limited to my geographical area but if anyone needs uniform altering, I am more than happy to offer that service.

I’m based in Aldershot so this will be limited to around that region, so Hampshire/Surrey wings.

I’m offering re-ranking, medal ribbons fitting, ribbon making, both sew on and pin bar available etc. I will potentially be offering medal mounting in future if mounting my own medals goes well…

Please send me a PM if this is something you are interested in.


I can offer medal mounting it seems too!

I can take postal for this, send them to me however you wish and I will send them signed for back.


Just sent mine off for remounting and ribbons sewing on the jacket - too late!
But useful to know, thanks.

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Could have been you @tmmorris :wink:

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Could have been…

Though I like the lady I use - she did my no. 1 jacket with proper separate rank braid rather than the composite one. Yes, I know uniform regs, etc. but it just looks gash especially at Sqn Ldr and above…


Nice if you can get a Jubilee medal.

Still waiting for mine!

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My squadron OC only received his on the second…

Couple of regular soldiers in regiments around Aldershot seem to have only got theirs in recent weeks too.

Far superior to the composite and screw the dress regs.


Just a shame that, when I originally had it done, I’d concluded I was never going to get promoted again so it was a good investment.

Got promoted again within a year…

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