Under 16s banned from mobile phones

Recently heard on the news that the education ministers are going to be propose that under 16s are to be banned from having mobile phones. That would be quite bad for us as most of their training is done on smart phones. Would it mean a backward move to books? Or would we have to find the money to buy more laptops?
What do people think?

It also screws up the myRAFAC app & its use for ID & WHTs.

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I think they are trying to fix problems by banning everything rather than address the actual problems. Someone needs to knock sense into these damn oxygen thieves. If they want to ban them in schools (though schools normally do anyway) that’s fine, but they should get their necks out of our lives and do something that actually targets criminals for once, not law abiding citizens.


Calm down. It’ll never happen…just like the national service won’t happen either.


Oh don’t worry it’s all an election gimmic.

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on the point of national service you are right but if executed properly it would’nt be half bad

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That would screw up MyRAFAC :rofl::rofl:


“Something something personal freedoms are the most important thing and the state should be small*”

*except when trying to stoke culture wars to win an election.

Given how toxic social culture is, plus it has been used for bullying, targeting and criminality and pornography is freely available, maybe it’s not a bad idea. Macron on France is mulling over the same idea.

The idea in principle is a good one especially when it comes to child safety, the need to contact and reliance on phones from such a young age causes the problem. The problem is even with prevention in place there will also be a loophole. You could not remove the 3G infra and have U16s connected to 3G so they are at least able to make calls and texts to parents. Alternatively ban multiple phone contracts and “sim-only” and have the need for a credit card to verify the phone however hackers will be able to get around that or even fraudsters selling Credit Card info. The only thing that will work is better training for kids and parents and stricter sentencing for criminals at the other end.

Or give them a non smart phone.

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2G & 3G phone networks are being phased out/ already have gone so you would need a non smart phone that connects to 4G. Yes you can pick up a £25 Nokia from Argos that connects to 4G but good luck with policing that!

Over 21 system same as drinks.

Good idea in principle (although drinks is now over 25) but as of 2020 there were around 4 million children in the 12-16 bracket according to the national office of statistics. Without becoming some super sensitive nanny state, I am sure Police resources can be better spent