Unable to access Cadet Portal

I’ve just been given a new email address for the Cadet Portal. Yet when I tried to set up a new password by clicking “unable to access your account?”, it says that my email address doesn’t exist. I wonder if it is needed to be “verified” by my squadron? I’ll be asking the staff in the 1st parade night.

Your login should be of the form:

<two digits><unit number>00<year you joined><3 digits>@rafac.mod.gov.uk

Does that match up with what you’ve been given?
(Worth noting it’s not an email address, just a login)

If you’ve got that, there’s nothing else the squadron should need to do. Check with your staff that it’s the correct numbers though.

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It matches, apart from having extra 2 zeros after the 2 digits. I’ve tried to enter the original username, as well as deleting the 2 zeros, but it’s not working.

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:+1: definitely worth checking with your staff then.

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