Ultilearn resit automatic fail

I’ve recently tried to take a resit for my senior exam but as soon as i moved the page to use the powerpoint for the topic it failed me. Does anyone know what this is all about

Did you navigate away on the actual page showing the exam (or which spawned the exam window)?
That will terminate the exam.

You need to use another tab or, safer, another browser window or even a separate browser, for any associated research. Open any PDFs in a separate reader.

No, I didn’t, So im really confused

I would suggest downloading anything you might want to refer to before starting the exam.

I’d suggest actually learning it in the first place.


Or at least make some notes - that is after all the purpose of the open book exams.

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Yep some notes would do the trick.

None of it is as they say “rocket science” and even a vague knowledge and should get the one out two of the multi-choice questions required for each LO. and it’s not like it’s only say 30 seconds per question so you could sit there for as long as it takes.

Well, there is Rocketry Propulsion… :wink:


:rofl: Yes, quite literally rocket science! (albeit at a basic level)


As if you didn’t know I was referring to the actual process and simple system we have currently.

I guess that joke didn’t stick, huh?


I have actually learnt the topic

Shouldn’t need to open the powerpoint then should you?

Aye, but the topic is piston engines and it was rather difficult to understand it all, and the exams are open book so I was using the ppt as a guide if I got stuck

Ive heard this Senior/MAC are open book exam thing twice now…i dont think they are but now im not sure…

Can anyone provide the paragraph and verse detailing that they are open book exams…if they are.

Nothing in ACTO20

What about para 28b?

Or indeed, Para 28 C!

yeah, it was obviously c I meant

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Indeed… The phrase “open book” isn’t useD, so if you’ve been searching or scanning through looking for it that’s why you’ve not found it.

The use of “online research material” has been permitted ever since the whole Ultifail situation began.

Yeah i was looking for the word open book