Ultilearn Reports vs what the Cadet sees problem


Anyone had problems in Ultilearn where a report showing exam passes does not match what the cadet sees when they login? I have discovered two so far, it only comes about when the cadet says they have passed all the exams for a classification but what you see via the report does not match what the cadet sees. In our case several Senior / Master exam passes don’t show in the report but do for the cadet.

Viewing a cadets record in SMS under the classification section mirrors the same as the report.

Nightmare… have logged a ticket with the helpdesk but just wondered if this was a common problem.


I have seen the same and do not entirely trust the “extract” in SMS - I always check on ultilearn and look for percentage scores while I am there.


Had the same with 1 cadet - passed three exams - did not show in Ultiflop report or SMS
Raised ticket with Help desk


No response since raised in October


Pop a comment and ask for an update, bumps it to the top of the queue


Nope. I’ve been doing that on several of my open ones with no response.


One of the many problems with Utifail!


Thanks everyone, it seems we are not alone. I think the new cadet portal interfaces with Ultilearn so it would be good if someone could fix the issues with the old system first.