Ultilearn redirects?

For almost the entire squadron Ultilearn is working fine…

I have a few cadets that when logging in get error messages about too many redirects and they can’t access Ultilearn at all… They’ve tried emptying caches/history/cookies and even several different browsers.

Any idea why this would happen, seems odd it only happens to one or two of them but the problem isn’t going away?

Good luck, you’re going to need it!
I had the same with 4 Cadets out of 15 registered onto SMS the same night affected. It took over six months of ‘discussions’ with the Bader Team at HQAC before it got resolved. I say discussions as they kept telling me if was a problem our end, clear cookies, empty caches, use a different computer…you name it, I was told to do it. They then did something which left me with 2 Cadets still having the same issue, and we went back round the houses even with me telling them to just do whatever they did to the other two user accounts.
I was on the verge of deleting them and adding them as new Cadets on SMS when the Wg Cdr stepped in and phoned the Bader Helpdesk every other day on my behalf until it was resolved. To this day I don’t know what the problem was and how they fixed it - sorry!

Oh no this does not look promising then. They’ve tried different computers etc too. I’m now seeing if password resets help! :cry::disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat:

@emz can you provide the ticket number to GoodEgg?

@GoodEgg - raise a new service ticket with helpdesk (probably via your Bader Officer) and reference the ticket form Emz as a “just like this one” hint

It didn’t with us.

We could try and login on a computer with one of the problem Cadets and get this message and then go back to the login screen on the same computer but with a non-problem Cadet and get straight in to Ultilearn - even though Helpdesk said that wasn’t possible - that’s when I knew it was a User Account error rather than anything else. It’s as if they were corrupted somehow when we registered them?

@incubus I’m not sure I can access the ticket number as have changed Sqn/Wing/Region since then?

@GoodEgg happy to give you my old Sqn details by PM if you want to use the info on your service ticket