Ultilearn login error


I’ve got four Cadets who get the error message below when logging into Ultilearn.

This page isn’t working
learning.bader.mod.uk redirected you too many times

Try Clearing your cookies

We’ve cleared cookies, we’ve tried different computers, different browsers.

Another Cadet can log in on the same computer straight after one of the four got the error message, so I’m erring towards an issue with their accounts. Has anyone seen this / solved it before I put it in the hands of the Bader Helpdesk, never to be seen again…


Report it to your BADER POC, they will raise a service request
the emaid is bader.YOURWING@ETC.ETC


Can’t you just raise your own service requests via Sharepoint?


Yes you can Create a New Service Request and add the details of the issue, avoid the middle man


Wing Bader POC already aware of the issues and Helpdesk request raised, but seeing as I’m still waiting for two requests to still be resolved, I’m not holding out much hope of getting this resolved this side of Xmas, so thought I’d ask here in case someone has had the same issue - guess not!


Check the tickets - they might be asking for some more details.

If in doubt phone them


So why hasn’t my Wing POC told me that then?


Perhaps your wing POC wants you to feed everything through them so that they remain aware of all the ongoing issues within their AoR, can resolve known issues locally where possible, and chase others on your behalf!


Perhaps they want to feel powerful / useful / justify their role


No further information requested, to be honest, I’m not that bothered by them, they are SMS activities that have got gremlins in, can’t cancel, complete or clone an activity…whereas this issue is stopping Cadets from progressing.


Twitter is the way forward, issue getting looked into as I type :slight_smile: