Ultilearn Down

Anyone know when ultilearn will be back online? I’d like to do my Senior Exams soon.

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It depends on the problem, but I doubt the devs are rushing to fix it at this time, so tommorow at the earliest.

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No ETA on the fix as of yet.

From what I’ve seen the problem might not be an actual Bader/Ultilearn issue but more the hosting provider so out of our hands.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a resolution time yet, it is currently with one of our external partners but we will get it back online as soon as we are able to do so.

Can there be a covering letter from HQ please? Because some mandatory (ACTO 099) training is out of date and can only done on ultilearn but strictly speaking those staff including me can’t do activities until ‘in date’.

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It’s been offline for a week.

But the cover letter is the updates emailed to all personal accounts by the bader team.

We need RAFAC LEARN now.

No cadet exams
No mandatory staff training.
No staff able to end probation due above.

It might not be RAFAC fault that ultilearn is down.

But it is rafac fault that LEARN is so delayed.

We should of had an ultifail replacement 10 years ago.


Hypothetical question here… If the poo hit the fan and the training of CFAVs got questioned in a court of law, could the instability and difficulty of completing required training on our learning platform cause issues in due diligence?

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Almost certainly.

And hopefully enough for 1* to get time.
Or worse. Lose pension.

The reason i asked… A previous employer of mine got fined for something similar (id actually say their learning platform was more stable but similar story) in a health and safety claim… But wasnt sure how the volunteer element would work

Think its important to add… There were other elements

Considering thr entirity of our volunteer mandatory training is completed online with the majority on ultilearn, a platform no longer accessible.

For starters we are in breach of our safeguarding obligations.
Each day it continues, people will time out of quals.
Therefore we could additionally be said to not be meeting our H&S obligations also.

Wouldnt be surprised if Tony, decided this was enough to suspend all rafac operations…

For a week (so far), annoying yes, end of the world no especially with the PTS now.

For a week, no one should be leaving it that late, given that everything is 3 years except for Fire and we all had to be current on return to F2F so :man_shrugging:

It’s a 6 month period, that includes AVIP that can’t be done until after the eLearning so isn’t stopping people passing probation.

Key benefits will be reporting & stability, we can live without that to after JPA is online for us in the next 2 weeks.

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#party line.


Yes the points you have made are correct.

No more correct however, than the points i have raised about the impact this outage is having now.

If ultilearn is down for 1 week. So what.
1 month… bit sticky.
More… well, then it becomes difficult.

I’d agree if the system is offline for an extended period, greater than 1 month.

I don’t expect it to be, with SMS back for those of us on Virgin this is the remaining outage issue.

As I have previously explained, the delay in launching RAFAC Learn is not a fault of our organisation. The organisation was held back by accreditor availability and mandated infrastructure moves, again, outside of our own decision making.

The team are working with our external partners to have Ultilearn back online as soon as possible. I echo the points raised by @themajor in relation to mandatory training, we all have a responsibility to keep on top of our mandatory training, the introduction of the mandatory training dashboard has made this an incredibly easy task compared to previous requirements.


Except when it doesn’t record quals due to interface issues between VP/CP/Ultilearn and where the course is hosted.



But this assumes that all volunteers across the corps are IT savvy and have even used volunteer portal beyond accessing it once under close guidance.

There as big assumptions at play here as to the IT capability of volunteers and sqns.

Not once in all of the letters, sharepoint docs, questions asked, have i seen anything more than a response that equates to ‘get on with it’ or worse, ‘if they cant use a computer we dont want them’

Please note. I did not say eben once in my post above that the blame for ultilearn rests with hqac or volunteers. That has at best been inffered from other unrelated posts i have made.
In fact i specifically said…

I dont buy that learn could not have been deployed even years ago. We have been crying out for ultilearnt to go for over 5 years. Long before the jpa saga ever saw the light of day.
Sufficient backbone and leadership from comdt previous, would have mitigatd this situation.

Oh and yes. Obvioulsy ultilearn being down for only a week is not mission critical.
However it is symptomatic of a broken system and a all issues at hqac.

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Could we all at least try to be less adverarial towards those making positive actions with good motives, and favourable feelings towards the wider CFAV cadre?

Temperatures are rising outside, but they don’t necessarily have to rise here, too.

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Ok ok will try.

Doesnt chnage fact we still need a functional elearning platform!