Any units here entering the competition? I’m hoping to benefit from someone’s Bader App.

Im trying too!
But ive been unable to find any locations that will allow me to test a rocket (or sponsor us) so we’ve not really been able to get off the ground (excuse the pun) :sweat:

I also wouldnt have any idea where to start with the SMS.

Though i was thinking of attending the competition without even entering a rocket to get an idea for maybe next year.


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UK Youth Rocketry Competition

The Corps Training Officer posted a sharepoint article on the training hub about it a few months back

Ah. The fantastic Comms system we have


We are doing it - did test flight on Monday.

Can you shed any more details on this? (Pm if preferable)

Did you use a local park? Submit a NOTAM etc?


You have to use a specific test site and they do all the stuff like NOTAMs, clearances etc. you also need to join the BMFA to get insurance.

We have a test site and have done the NOTAM. 7 May near Guildford if anyone wants to join. I’m hoping to get hold of an approved RA and Admin Order.

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May I get a copy of your bader docs please?

We got the RA of the site we went to and just transferred it onto 5010c. The admin order is just the normal template we use, with details the cadets need to know for the activity. Only extra thing we added was BMFA membership and insurance details. I self approved, so wouldn’t like to say if what I did is 100% correct - just did the best I could.

OK thanks. I was worried the UKRoC RA would not be sufficient to get RAFAC approval. But if yours was then I’ll give it a go and see. I’m also not sure there is a SME to approve it!
Thanks and good luck!

Having never done it before, we could only really use their’s. We will probably review it before the next event, now having a bit of experience. But like I said it’s a self approved activity - so I can’t guarantee it would be accepted if someone else reviewed it. There is definitely a lack of guidance about ATC specific things with this - but cadets had an amazing day.

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Also we used a site operated by others - no idea what you need if you are running your own!

Thanks - we (preemptively) got the insurance, but have had no luck getting approval from anywhere ive asked to launch from.

Our nearest Rocketry club is 50+ miles away.

Not too sure ill have something ready to launch, but Guilford isnt a million miles away, i might PM you if thats okay?

No probs. Be happy to have you. Also happy to chat if you like

BTW - our plan is to do test launches and then self certified competition entry launches.

Has anyone been successful in launching model rockets with cadets?

It has been a year or so in the making but I finally have the funding, got my head around most of the legalities of the rocket motors. I am also very near to getting approval for a launch area as we are no where near to a club.

Juat wanted to see if there was anyone with experience that can give me so tips in getting over the line launching a rocket or 2 before we turn our eyes to UKROC 24.

Also any shared best practice for RAs etc wouldnt go a miss :wink:

Hi there
We have and I’m very happy to share details. Please email me and I’ll dig out the docs for you.

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Great to see at least one Air Cadet Unit taking part in UKRoC this year.