UK Space Force/Cadets?

With the news today of the appointment of the Space Command Chief today and Space subjects getting more exposure in our organisation… Are we any closer to having a “Space Force” like the United States?

Would the creation of such a force mean that there could be a new cadet force for that in the future - or will RAFAC have a Space “Branch”. :thinking:

Food for thought!

Bring on the Space Experience Flights


Space is still very much in the RAF’s wheelhouse as far as the MOD is concerned… And I don’t think we’re quite as flashy or rich as the Yanks.

For as long as the RAF is “in charge of” the bulk of our monitoring and ops from a MOD/military POV, it makes most sense that we have the greatest focus on it as far as cadet forces are concerned.

If they come out with Space Marines, though, I think the Army and Navy might have a fight over that one.

Space Regiment (complete with 5 light years of death) on the other hand…

I don’t see us the UK forming an Independent Space Force anytime in the next 100 years.

As an Nation we are moving away from single service and towards joint force wherever possible and therefore creating a separate single service just isn’t going to happen politically or financially.what I see as likely is that Space Command will much like many Joint Service Commands will have elements from all of the 3 services, but will probably at least for now be dominated by the RAF both at a Command and Operational level.

Having a Space Command with a 2 Star does make sense in that it’s the way lots of militaries are going the US and France both already have an equivalent and other countries are looking the same way, you need someone within the RAF who can work with them as an equal, not just sending over some random Wing Commander who has it as a secondary duty along with being President of the Mess Committee.


I’d rather we got gliding right first! :wink:



Here we come…


We’d advertise them everywhere, then get confused why cadets left when there were only 5 flights across the corps in a year :roll_eyes:


Nah, that’d be false advertising…

The most important question we need to ask with a potential space branch…how do you use a pace stick with no gravity?


The space branch have a Lightsabre pace stick.


im game for this.

Surely that would be for officers instead of swords.


I can suggest somewhere you can put it whilst on earth to ensure it remains with you at all times?


Open or closed?

Those that have them; already defy gravity! :wink:

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Or as unnecessarily pretentious :wink:
…They don’t need a Space Force either.

According to the literature I’m aware of, we’re about 28,000 years off Space Marines.


And yet we already have the Chaos


Indeed. Nurgle is particularly strong right now.

Since our boss is friends with their boss - and that their boss is an ex-cdt - we might be closer than we think.