UHF/VHF frequencies

Hi guys.

I don’t have any access to the restricted acp 44 at the moment so can’t get to any frequencies.

Is anyone able to PM me all the Victor and uniform frequencies we use. Including the ones for project tango?

Many thanks

How do we know that you are entitled to that information, random person from the Internet?

Hi. Thanks for the reply

I’m more than happy to prove my cadet identity.

I must admit that didn’t cross my mind initially how the post could look.

My cadet number is 0325320011011. And if you would like me to I’m happy to upload an image of my 3822?


Ask your squadron staff.

That was going to be my next port of call. I’m in the process of setting up our new sqn radios. And need to program in the Victor and uniform frequencies. I was hoping to have it done before parade on Tuesday but i’ll wait until then and get them to pull the acp off of bader/share point


Whatever your expertise it should really be done by (or with) your SRI as a guarantee that the parameters are correct.
May I ask what make/model of radio you are setting up?

The radios are some yaesu ft-60r dual band handhelds

If using FT60Rs, you’ll most likely have to tweek to give access to ACO freqs.

ahh right, i have just come off a full operators radio course where we used them, so i assumed they were directly compatible with the ACO freqs, i’ve spoken to my sqn staff and their getting me a copy of the ACP so i should just manage :smile:

Im in the process at the moment of deciding between the FT60R’s and some Baofeng uv-b5’s

we got some Wouxum UV6s which are cheaper than the Yaesu but better build quality tha the Baofeng.

speak to Richard at Martin Watson and Sons and he’ll do you right, sorted us out!!

I did have a look at those but hadn’t heard of the brand so skipped over them, I’ll definitely have a look at Martin Watson and sons, any things better than the brick type Motorola’s that we have now

i hadn’t heard of them either but when asking around radio savvy ATC colleagues one friend said he had a Yaesu but they simply weren’t Cadet proof enough for the price…the Baofeny and Wouxum are rebranded copies, same internals give or take with a price change.

he uses his Yaesu but bought the UV-6s for the Cadets. We followed suit and don’t regret it for the money…

We are planning on getting a load of Wouxon UV8Ds. I bought one for myself to test and it seems to do the job well and doesn’t feel cheap. Some units near me bought Baofeng radios but the guys at Martin Lynch & Sons recommended the Wouxon as a better quality unit.

Using Lithium Ion batteries was one of my key criteria for the handsets.
I have a Yaesu unit in my car and another available as a second mobile or as a base unit.

correction it is Martin Lynch not Martin Watson…don’t know where that name came from!

the UV8 is the upgrade to the 6, we got ours about three years ago now, not sure what the 8 offers but i am sure it will be good if used the 6 as a basis

Might have to do a bit more investigation by the sounds of things, my main reason for favouring the Baofengs was purely the price, meaning if they got damaged our sqn could replace them cheaply, i’ll definitely have a chat with the guys at Martin Lynch & Sons though

I heard that exact reason from a local squadron when I chatted about their kit at an event last summer. They are very cheap but almost too cheap in my opinion. ML&S advised the wouxon as they told me that the discrimination and signal stability were superior. If we are operating under military scrutiny we don’t want to be leaking harmonics left, right and centre.

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I’m pricing up some Wouxon’s right this minute, i just did a bit of googling and thanks to everyone’s advice im really starting to like them :smile:

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