You wait 4 1/2 years for a gliding slot to come up, cadets get excited, and its cancelled because of the weather.
What do you say to those whose excitement was crushed today?
I’m not blaming anybody, or the weather, these things happen, but the cadets who were going are absolutely gutted.


And those cadets may never again get the chance to fly in a glider again. Greatest sympathy to them, it was bad enough when flying was more plentiful.


Can you imagine how we at 614 VGS feel then? We have been “paused” for nearly 4 years now, and now we are being “moved” to another site - where goodness only knows how we are going to be able to serve the Wings and Air Cadets who came to us before!!! Thin times ahead for you I’m afraid, and its really going to have a knock on effect on cadets keen on entering flying service either in the RAF or civilian worlds. Sad days…


Not a new move though, has been in the mix for nearly 2 years. Serving the old wings was never going to be a thing either and is now RAvO level controlled.


Read the brownies thread.


Controlled by RAvOs will be a mess.
Anything done at region level is a mess as the people in these jobs don’t do anything and are so far detached from the real ATC. Like many Wing Staff who want a Wing job as they can’t handle squadron life or think far too much of themselves, regional staff are those who don’t want the pressure of Wing jobs. I know having met a few over the years and the comments have been, thank God I haven’t got to do Wing stuff anymore, similarly Wing Staff the same comment wrt squadron.
How many regional staff officers have been off squadron for more than 5 years? They might to think they have some strategic role but they do SqRt of FA.
It is better to have Wings allocated to a provider which can be planned properly, rather than this time you’re going to this one and next time that one.