Looking for a bit of advice please if possible.

We have 2 cadets that wear turbans, and they have asked for help with regards to getting hold of the correct colour material/turbans to match the berets/working blues.

Do we have an obligation to provide such material/turbans , in the same way we would a beret, and if so where and how would I go about obtaining it.

If not can anyone advise me what I should suggest to them as far as the correct colour etc?

Many thanks in advance

You can indent for these from stores.

Give your parent unit stores a ring as they may be special order.

Stores will know it as “CLOTH, PUGGRI - Ensign Blue” but they’ll know what you mean if you ask for Turban cloth too.

Incubus - I think that you’re quoting the NSN series for berets, unfortunately I can’t help with the number for the cloth.

Yes, my bad. I misread the line.

Cramar - did you get anywhere trying to find Turban material. we have had no luck from stores

Found this information from another (Army) website, so caution with the colour(!), dated 2013:

NSN: 8305-99-862-1576
Specification: 8879A
D of Q: EA
Cost Guide: £3.13
PPQ: 001
Description: Cloth, Plain Weave. Lightweight cotton, blue. Used for turbans

Previously JSP 768 - now the Defence Clothing Catalogue, need Dii for access to that. From a NSN search, it says:


Alternate References: 8305998621576, 998621576

RIng your WExO, tell them your woes, casually drop in ACP1 and the requirements of the Equality Act not to indirectly discriminate on the grounds of religion/belief which do apply to wider society as well as the workplace and the dilemma that the ACO stipulates the option but the option isn’t available.

Cramar, I’m off to stores tomorrow. Will see if I can get a number as I know a regular F S who wears one, and he is stationed where I’m going. Regards G.

Our Wing has a Sikh liaison officer, of all else fails I can drop him a line.


Thanks for all the replies, in the end we drew a blank and the cadet in question found material of the correct colour and sourced it himself.

However im sure this will be an issue again so im keeping all these replies for next time.

Thanks again

Right, from our parent unit Clothing Stores.

They advised me that there isn’t an NSN as such; for any such material, they contact RAF Halton Clothing Stores to have “x” metres of the material sent through. There is the turban badge, they have some of those.

RAF Halton PBX = 01296 623535.

Our wing doesn’t have a single Sikh!!
Despite inviting to look into joining

We have areas in the Wing that are majority Sikh.

In our catchment area we have a Sikh Gurdwara
With apparently 3000 members and won’t even answer an email or phone to us :rage:

Hey, big_g, I am sure they would reply if you ask again, go to the Gurdwara and this time give them a poster to hang on the wall. This way is more effective rather than emailing them.

Someone went deep down the rabbit hole…

I’d not read this one before, so interesting for me to find out a little as it’s been years since we’ve had anyone not of Caucasian descent, let alone requiring religious considerations. So useful for future reference just in case.

Your wing so white.

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