TS25 Air rifle range on squadron

Hello all,

I am looking in to getting a TS25 Air rifle range set up at my squadron. Can anyone share any information on what I need to do in order to get one set up?

Also does anyone know where I can order the TS25 pellet catcher and the scorpion air rifle.

Thank you.

You order the scorpion direct from BSA. If you wanted the Air Arms rifle instead, you also order that direct. Price lists for both are on share point. Whichever you go for, it must be delivered to a RFD, so you can collect it from them. The RFD will charge for this service. I ordered a scorpion, case, maintenance kit and 2 cleaning rods. With delivery and the RFD charge it was still cheaper than the ‘discounted’ price the RFD quoted me for just the rifle.

If the TS25 is the airarms collapsible range - then that’s on the air arms price list too.

RFD? to make 10 chars

Registered Firearms Dealer

I can remember my mothers Freemans catalogue selling air rifles when I was a nippa

Its a good idea to also talk to your Wing Shooting Officer. They will be able to point you in the right direction of all the other things you will need. i.e., Paperwork ,including Risk Assessment, List of RCOS, Range Orders.

You will also need to get the range approved, by arranging a visit to look at your set up and ensure it meets all range safety requirements - e.g. no exposed ricochet hazards, Ability to lock external access doors (or a method on restricting access), but all these will be explained during the visits.

Then its just a matter of having an RCO to run the range, and having trained cadets to shoot upon it.

Its a bit of work, but once set up your cadets will have a great time…

There is quite a process surrounding this especially considering the size of the room needed.

Speak to your WSO and they should be able to liaise with the Regional TSA to get a building inspection done and determine if the room is big enough and any modifications required.

Once that is done you can order using the pricelist that is on Sharepoint from Air Arms.