Trustees and capital assets


Can Sqn Trustees be gifted large capital assets under the current regs.

I am thinking, land, buuldings, vehicles.

Dont ask why.

If yes, how is it best to proceed.

Anyone have any experience?

What do you mean gifted?

You can only mean given or bequeathed to as a private individual, if so nothing to do with the ATC.

Ok then, given.
I’m pretty sure charities can be given stuff!

So is it the individual or the charity by which I assume you mean the squadron. Charities are given things all the time and many actually seek it, there are charities that advertise directly asking people to leave money in their wills. so I wouldn’t get too bothered. Our RBL branch has had many members leave money in their wills, for the branch, not the RBL as a whole.

If someone has given the squadron something substantial in value, I’d take it and utilise it or look to realise it’s financial value.

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