Trouser Twists

How do you use them? I can’t quite figure it out…

Just use elastic bands…

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They come with instructions written in all the NATO languages.

Have you not got them?

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Dead easy.

Pull your trouser leg up. Wrap the twist around your boot about a inch or so above the ankle and hook the hooks together. Pull the trouser leg down and just scrunch the bottom of the trouser up underneath the twist.

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Make sure you loop them round your leg twice before hooking the ends together. It should be quite tight.


Twice?! Are you mental?

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Yeah he is. Twice isn’t going to hold unless you’ve got fat legs. I go for three times.

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Children, play nice.

If you have skinny legs like RAS, it has to be 4 times at least.


I’ve never bothered with them in 27 years. Just use the ties that are sown in the bottom of the trousers.

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