Trouser twisters

I have heard that trouser twisters/ bungee’s have been banned by the ACO however I cant find any info. does anyone know the truth?

I’ve not seen anything saying they are banned. Certainly, Donald hasn’t written a 2 page “near miss” report about the dangers of small, elasticated straps (though such a report was published about proper bungee cords after someone pinged one in a haphazard manner)

Dress regs say to use either the built-in lacing or twisties to blouse trouser legs in No3 dress.

It’s in AP 1358c V 1.07 that you use them to “blouse” the trousers on no.3 uniform. So they are allowed. Unless for some god stupid reason that is in V 1.08 when it comes out. But i’m 99.9% sure it won’t ban them.

In addition to the above there’s a difference between what is banned by a deranged loon at HQAC and what every sqn in the ACO does…

Trouser twisters have been worn for well over 40 years, in that time not one person’s feet have fallen off because of them: ergo, not dangerous.

Had someone been smoking something before saying that they are banned?? Whoever said so was talking out of their rusty bullet hole.

Are you sure the reference you think you had was not to do with bungee cords for basha building - that seems more likely than trouser twists.

Now that JM said bungee my brain started…
I have seen some army-navy stores selling small (powerful) bungees as replacements for twisties.

One of my cadets got them and I found out as he said he kept getting pins and needles in his feet if still for too long, when I looked they were pretty tight not tight enough to stop all circulation but I recon just on the border. Swapped with twisties no problem after that.

Perhaps that is what has been banned or warned against.

And, of course, with the advent of PCS they’re not needed anymore!

My sqn still use them. They look way nicer :slight_smile:

Really? What makes you say that?

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What difference does PCS make?

Because they have built in ties at the bottom of the legs :slight_smile:

As did CS95 and if I remember rightly so did the 1980s ‘temperate pattern’ kit.

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hmm, not sure about that - was a long time ago now :wink: even so, twisters are really a thing of the past now. At least where I work :wink: