Trouser creases

At the end of my tether with my issue trousers.

After weeks of struggling with tram lines, I have had a close look at the inside of my trouser legs and there appears to be glue or something similar running up the inside of the legs.

Issue is that it does not sit where the creases should sit and nor is it in a straight line.

Any tips? I’m at OIC in a few weeks and this is bugging me.

Buy new trousers…?

It’s a tip

The principle is that I shouldn’t have to.

On that note, where would you recommend?

When I issue trousers to cadets I iron the legs flat, remove the creases. Then put the creases back in properly. Literally takes me 5 mins and it makes it easier for cadets to iron from that moment on. If done properly, when you turn the trousers inside out the crease will match the rubbery glue. Spray some starch along the crease inside the leg, turn back out and iron with brown paper (ideal) or a clean dish towel.

I had that issue. Gave up and got a new set. Latest contract heat treats a crease in. Not necessarily in the right place

From a few people i have known go down to OIC/SSIC recently. They all know of the issues we are having with the uniform (and specifically the crease in the trousers) and pretty much say do what you can, but you should follow the ironed in crease as there is no way to fix it without buggering the trousers.

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Can confirm.

I was there a couple of months ago and they were good about realism on this.