Trouser creases and how to put them I

Hi ? I took my trouser creases out because I got tram lines in them but how would you put the trouser creases back in finding it really hard too put them in

Does this help?

You could always give youtube a nosey. There was a video on vimeo I think but I cant seam (Get it Seem, Trouser Seam…I’ll get my trenchcoat) to find it unless it’s been removed.

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It does seem to have gone.

Lay the trousers flat so the seams lay flat against each other.

(Depending on how big your bum is, you may find that you need to “tuck” the rear of the waist band together between the middle two belt loops, to be able to get the legs to lay flat.)

Lay a damp linen sheet, linen tea towel or piece of muslin on top of where the seams should be…

Press the crease in to place with a warm / hot iron - keeping the trouser leg taught.

Once you’ve got the creases where you want them - turn the trousers inside out.

Using one of those little soap bars you get in hotels, “draw” a line with the bar of soap down the inside of the crease - take care to not press too heavily.

Turn the trousers back the right way round - repress the crease. The fat in the soap acts like wax and will give you a nice crisp crease - but if you use too much, it will make the crease look shiny (rubbish).

You can also try spraying “spray starch” on the outside of the trouser leg - but I always found it really uncomfortable - also it was always prone to leaving white marks.

Tbh, the modern lightweights don’t need anything other than heat and steam to be sharp.

It’s possible to get a crease that sticks around well enough for a decent length of time without repressing even, if you aren’t going for inspection quality every night… Up until the day you wash them that is.