Trooping the colour 2020

Hoping someone could help me, i entered the ballot for trooping the colour.

It stated that I would be notified whether I was successful or not at getting tickets

However I have not I just wanted to see whether this way the same for everyone with the threat of COVID19 hanging over whether the parade goes ahead or I just hadn’t been notified

.Successful entries will be selected and notified by 19th March 2020. If you have not received notification I would say you have been unsuccessful.

I was notified at 11:03 today.

I consider it highly unlikely that the parade and the varied reviews prior to it will go ahead this year. It will be interesting to see if those holding tickets will roll to 2021 or if a new ballot will be called.

Probably a new ballot with priority or a preliminary round for 2020 ticket holders.

New ballot surely… a percentage of this years recipients might not be around in 2021.

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Time will tell. It has been 65 years since the parade itself has been cancelled, so they will want to leave it pretty late to announce a cancellation. I would imagine that, if they do go ahead, the reviews will be without spectators. They could also try to move the location and do it behind closed doors. It all depends where we are in a couple of months.

To be leaving it late implies all other elements continues as planned…such as the rehearsals.

I’ve got…had an event* where the local Armed Forces are invited. A month ago prior to the lockdown they both said they were not willing to commit pending the need to concentrate on their operation readiness to be called up by Government.

I’m not sure what else the house hold cavalry can do to keep busy but will they spend hours marching up and down the square in practice for an event which is likely to be cancelled??

*I wear an RBL hat

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