TRF patches

Have the Corps stopped issuing the TRF. Our wing said we could not order them anymore?

A new design is being devised so stocks of the old ones are being depleted.

I understand it won’t be a “TRF” as we ain’t tactical, but will be a RAFAC badge of some form.

Thank you.

Have you seen it? Is it not going to look horrendous?

I have not seen it but I’ve heard that that it will basically be the RAFAC logo as a corporate identity, much as the RN use a big Navy patch.

It can’t be worse than the ToD!

It would be good if someone would actually look up what TRFs are for, and then issue everyone in RAFAC the same formation badge rather than three different ones.

From a style point of view, it would also be nice if said badge was non-horrendous. The SNCO/WO TRF would be a good starting point.

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The background of the ASNCO TRF (RAF colours at 45’) with a gold thread outline of Carol Vordermans bottom imposed over the top.

You could, at a push, if there was some outraged huffing and puffing, get rid of the background…


Even as an officer… I do like the SNCO TRF. It looked very smart and was close to the RAF whilst still keeping its distance.

When our wing was asked about it, I recommended we just stuck to that. I know others aren’t very happy with that… but it’s better than the cdt one.

Me too.

The whole point of a TRF is as a formation identifier, so all members of RAFAC should be wearing the same one. The SNCO one is at the same time similar and related to the RAF one, and noticeably different.


Using the SNCO badge is a logical choice.
Except of course that because the RAF (and the RN) is now pushing heavily towards corporate branding on clothing it is unlikely that we’ll have any badge of “TRF style”.

Even the RAF themselves are replacing the TRF with the obvious “Royal Air Force” branding badge for routine wear non-tactically. We will no doubt follow suit.