Travelling to CTC in casual wear?

Apparently I’m ‘forced’ to wear casual clothes to the CTC because I don’t want to ruin my uniform while doing so.

What if you arrive in casual wear? What happens then? Will you be denied? Or something else? What are the rules regarding this?


This is a standard requirement for us in the United Kingdom, for British RAF Air Cadets (travel to/from camp in casual clothes).

For yourselves in Canada, I would expect that you may-well be travelling huge distances to arrive at your Cadet Training Centre for Summer Camp. This could easily make your uniform look seriously untidy, and give you a major challenge to get it sorted.

Surely someone from your RCAirC squadron will have officially told you to wear civilian clothes, when travelling to camp? Perhaps your Adjutant (probably a CI) or even an Officer? So I cannot believe that you will get into any trouble with doing this.

Have a great time at camp! What course subject are you undertaking? As in general training, basic survival, fitness and sport, survival instruction etc

Greenwood Air Cadet Summer Training Centre 2014