Hey everyone I was wondering if there’s any trans cadets on here or if people know any and what it’s like for them


I’m sure @Cat will offer some good advice as ever, but from my humble point of view I’d never expect to see any discrimination at all. Of course there will be the odd throbber who will make a comment but in general the attitude in the ATC towards the LGBT community is very very positive.

I hope everything goes well for you :slight_smile:


Thank you


So for me, it was hard to pluck up the courage, but once i did, the corps made life easy. Had a meeting with the WSO, just to give permission for wing level to know, in case i got any trouble on camps and things, but I had no trouble at all :slight_smile: it made my last years in the corps so much more enjoyable xx


Glad to hear it made your time as a Cadet more enjoyable, JC.

The corps has very strong policies regarding transgender cadets and adult volunteers, so, I’d hope they are all being treated well.

If not, the ASPIRE network will definitely support them in any issues they may be facing.


I was wondering if you knew an answer to some of my questions. Hope i dont come across offensive by asking. Just something as a member of staff ive wondered about juat incase any future camps, i come across the situation.

In regards to camps whats the guidance or best practice on transgender cadets in terms of accomidation and toilet facilities? Might be a really simple answer but im really unsure!


Although i know everyone means well. The OP was asking if there were any transgender cadets on the forum, not for staff to hijack the thread even with well meaning posts.



Alex, start a new thread if you want to know.


No worries! If Cat could PM me a response that would be great instead of carrying on here.


Although i dont know them personally i have sat through an ASPIRE presentation wgich did discuss a known example transgender Cadet “Sam”

I have also been on an annual camp with a Transgender Staff member.

So yes there are examples in the organisation