Transferring squadrons


Hi there,

Just wondering if you transfer squadrons, do you lose rank?


Depends on the establishment of the squadron you are looking to move to, the OC of the squadron, etc


If you are good enough to gain a rank, should you lose it on transfer, you should be good enough to regain


Most cadet i know below the rank of CWO have been knocked down one rank. CWO seem to keep thier rank due to being a “wing role” . Although it is a case by case situation


For le as an OC it would be very specific to the individual, where are they transferring from and why are they transferring?

If they are moving to my Squadron because they have moved house and now can’t get to their old unit why would I demote them? Yes that Squadron might have different standards to me but surely the individual should be given a chance to prove themselves without being punished on sight? (Probably mention at the welcome meeting that they are on probation for the first 3 months and make sure they know what I expect).

Now if it’s Cpl Nuisance from another local Squadron who I know through Wing Activities who’s moving because they are a pain in the neck or because they don’t like their OC or because they think they have more chance of getting promoted at a different Squadron then I might not let them keep their rank, case by case basis I think.