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I’m trying to find out if you can transfer form one organization to the other. Ie out of the ATC to army /sea marine cadets

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Staff or cadet? For cadets, you would resign from one cadet force and join the other. You can be a member of more than one cadet force at the same time, but whose got time to attend both.

There is - at least to my knowledge and personal experience - no current transfer system or policy.

Here is my story of what has happened during my time in the ATC and ACF.

I was in the ATC between 2019 and 2022
I left the ATC for personal reasons after an issue between me and the squadron I was in. Before I left I visited the local ACF detachment and spent some time there as to see if I could potentially join the ACF should I no longer be in the ATC. I was, at this time a Cdt-Sgt (ATC) and carried the rank while at the ACF [Under the idea that I was still Sgt (ATC)]

I was said to have Schrödinger’s rank, I was both a Recruit and a Sgt at the same time.

I ended up leaving cadets fully in the summer of 2022 and didn’t “re-join” the ACF until the winter - taking some time off from cadets so I could make sure I definitely wanted to be in the ACF. I was at this time now a ACF cadet.

To the disappointment and anger of lots of Army Cadets I was given the position of Acting Cpl for 11 months in order for me to prove my worth within the ACF. Since none of my qualifications (other than Bronze DofE - I had to restart silver again) seemed to carry over, the only thing I had exchangeable was the knowledge behind most of the ACF’s syllabus. Seeing as the ACF and ATC has its major differences I had to fast track myself through all of the basic and 1 star training. Theoretically things like first aid should have carried over but to my knowledge my first aid training expired.

Now, just under a year since I joined the ACF, I am a 2 star training (Full) Cpl in a detachment of just over a dozen that show up every night- While this can be seen as a demotion from being one of 2 Sgt in charge of a flight of 16 Cadets (each) I’m just glad that for the first time in ages I feel like I enjoy cadets again.

In short.

  • I left the ATC as a Sgt
  • None of my ATC specific training carried over
  • Joined ACF as a Sgt Rct
  • Got a position as an A/Cpl
  • Just recently got promoted to full Cpl
  • Starting to get my life back together now.

I hope my personal experience can help you. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Adult. Chatting to ACF. SMQ He seems to think I would be able to jump across. There lots of info for going from in to ATC. But in my old wing. We had and officer. Who was ex royal marine commando wasn’t happy with ATC so she transfer to royal marine cadets ( sea cadets )

She? Ex RM? Really?

I had a CFAV attempt to transfer from ATC to ACF in 2021. She was told by Wing HQ that there was no process for it at that time.

As far as I know there is no real transfer mechanism. Most of the new adult training is on the actual syllabus. Certain qualifications may transfer if they are recognised by the ACF.

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My ATC sqn has many ex ACF cadets who as far as I am aware had to just join as recruits so I don’t think there is a process either way.

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Yes. Ex royal. Sex change to female