Training Updates

Just in case, like me, you weren’t aware, there are loads of updates to training things here:


That’s a lot of changes.

Nice to see some support for the EPQ though. Definitely something where we could add weight and benefit to cadets experiences without it feeling too “schooly”

Some of those changes are really great. Slightly confused about the change from Aviation Studies to Aerospace studies and how that works in practice, but I’m guessing once signed off by whoever they will release a new guide with a how to work out who does what.

I’m impressed at the changes, just sad our wing hasn’t publicised it as yet.

So…were not going to communicate the fact that the first class syllabus is imminently changing and hoping Trg Officers & OCs etc stumble across it…brilliant.


Well, to be fair they say that Regional and Wing training officers have been made aware (and they’ve put it on that training site).

I wouldn’t have known had I not stumbled across it whilst looking for something else (the list of BTEC certificates finally received/sent from the governing body).

There’s a difference in sharing a link and explaining what we need to do though and how our training will have to change.

Quite a few changes there then to classification etc.

If we are going to get good quality articulate courses for each subject, like the recent ones, then I’ll be pretty happy with that.

A few instructors notes and away we go!


Agree. These all look like positive changes and improvements.

Just why cant these all be advertised centrally. Maybe as a sharepoint notification or something…

Seems like important info we all need!

I am also just mildly curious as to why name changes of subjects is required.
I bet pretty much every Sqn will have to reprint, remake, retype a few in house things as a result.

Just seems a little cosmetic a change.

I’m disappointed that despite the CCF now formally adopting the PTS classification syllabus there is still no option to do history of the CCF with centrally produced resources.

In my opinion.
ATC / history or atc or whatever should really be a classification subject called RAFAC. Encompassing a bit of history of the CCF also.

email and talk to him about it :slight_smile:


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When the History of the ATC subject was being written the CCF were approached for content about their own history. Wg Cdr CCF does have a lot of articulate eLearning creation licences so if you know anyone that does have a history of the CCF presentation etc that could be used then I’m sure he’d very much like to hear from them. He also has the template that is being used for all the other new courses.
I believe the decision was made to push the ATC subjects forward in the priority list to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the ATC.


The new Cmdt is keen to use the chain of command more. They were published on SharePoint 4 or 5 days after being given to the Wing and Regional training officer’s at their conference a few Saturdays ago with the idea that they would pass them on.

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What can go wrong?


He’s right of course…
Step 1 is to formally require the chain to promulgate such things and to give them opportunity…
Step 2 can then be to haul people over for not doing their jobs.

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Can I be the Bishop of Bath & Wells when this happens?