Training Officer or Adjutant Role Training Course Materials

Does anyone have any training materials, any courses for supporting staff to become one of the above?

I’m in imminent need of new post holders and I’d like to provide as much support as possible to my relatively inexperienced staff team to assist someone in to each post. Adj I think I can just absorb into my role, it’s how to be a training officer I need support with as it’s over 10 years since I was one!


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Just found this, produced by North Region. Although it is an OCs guide, it does include a checklist style responsibility list for Adj/Training. Might be useful, if not for the training it’s self, but as a reminder of who should be doing what.

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The Generic Terms of Reference for Squadron Training Officer and Sqn Adjutant would be a good starting point, but I’m afraid I don’t have any training material.
These ToR are only Generic, as the OC you may want to adjust them.

ACTO 94 - Junior Officer development is you key thing here.

Sets out knowledge, task & performance standards required for roles of adjutant , training officer & supply.{1E590934-9F87-44D7-97A3-131824F69433}&file=ACTO%20094.DOCX&action=default&mobileredirect=true


I’ve never even heard of that ACTO?

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Hardly anyone has which is surprising as I find a pretty good document & it was first published in 2017 so surprised it’s not been more circulated.

It’s why I posted the link to make sure I hadn’t imagined it like the fruit of the loom cornucopia


Agreed it is actually a pretty good document.

But one that could be better signposted, Jnr Officer development woudn’t be the first place I would look for a post that could be filled by an SNCO or CI.

Can’t even recall how I stumbled across it now.

While the post can be filled by a CI or NCO, officers particularly future Sqn Cdr need to have experience of these roles.

What’s sad is that this isn’t highlighted more as hardly any one is searching for “Officer development” particularly for new officers.

It’s quite clear that Wg training officers are ignoring this & focusing mainly on cdt development & not staff.

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