Training officer how to

Has anyone on here either produced themselves, recieved or know of a really good Training Officer how to guide.

It would be much appreciated if such a thing could be pointed to on sharepoint of there or shared via acc if not.

I dont have capacity to reinvent the wheel at present and would be most glad of this assistance.


To be clear covering everything from basic bader stuff to planning parade nights and programme etc etc etc. Am looking for a real idiots guide.
(Never know, I might learn something too :joy::rofl:).


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fraid I’ve never seen one

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I know that the SW RTO is building this as a package at the moment, perhaps you can reach out to them or your own Wg/Rg TO to get this?

I think the best solution would be for them to visit another sqn to sit with the TO.

This is from Durham & Northumberland Wing - Training Officers’ Toolkit


That’s a very helpful link @themajor thanks

Having been TO on two different units, and subsequently been on two other units, the TO role seems to be the most varied of all the exec roles. In some units, it seems to be the busiest role (a lot of teaching, all the Ultilearn admin, organising courses, planning parade nights, staff and cdt development), ranging to covering barely one of those roles on other units, with the other functions being taken up by other staff.

It’d probably be useful for you to clarify what kind of TO your OC wants you to be, and start from there.

(but yes, I agree it’d be useful for there to be a central resource to cover the whole range!)

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I am the OC, but I need to train an new TO from scratch.
Need them to be able to plan and execute an annual training plan, use bader effectively and oversee staff development.

I can train all that of course. But was hoping for a useful document to work along side and provide me a bit of support on it.

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fixed that for me :smiley:


GM Wing has, on SharePoint, a ‘Shared Squadron Resources’ folder that I’ve pilfered on occasion. There’s a Training Officer guide in the development folder that might be of use.