Trainer criteria for delivering First Aid

ACTO 8 Annex O details the trainer requirements for delivering the rainbow of first aid courses.

However my Wing First Aid Officer is apparently now saying that for a trainer to deliver YFA (Bronze) they will need to have a teaching qualification as well as the 16 hour first aid course. This is contrary to Annex O which says “Must have a training skill e.g. MOI, SSIC course or other accepted training qualification.”

Who’s correct?
Is this just my wing wanting to have high standards? Is this a change in policy from Region or Corps that just hasn’t been updated in the ACTO yet?

You only need a teaching qual and 16 hr first aid cert to teach AFA (Silver) and above.

This will be your wing misunderstanding the acto…or trying to make the delivery of FA even more difficult


The ACTO. If there is a change coming, they will change the ACTO.

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these are RAFAC recognised “teaching qualification” and probably what your Wing FA officer is implying.

it is the same message with different wording.

to require a “teaching qualification” is not wrong, but not not accept MOI, SSIC, SAAI, or other similar RAFAC teaching qualification would be.

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