I’m interested to find out about traditions across the county.

Does your sqn/wing have any traditions and how long have these been in place for?


The RAF (and by extension the air cadets) haven’t been around for long enough to have traditions, just habits.


True, but i’m talking more about very local things such as certain “rituals” when people leave or harmless ‘habits’ that happen regularly


The RAF has been around 100 years. That is plenty of time to form traditions.


Pah, you need a good 300 years at least, 400 to be safe.

Soon a couple of the Guards regiments will be able to claim they have traditions!


No it’s not. You sprogs.

The RAF gob off about far too much as it is.


They should get some time in.


Do traditions which some may refer to as “we’ve always done it like that”, hold things back from developing?