TOR for Lord Mayors Cadet

Howdy all,

Anyone have a copy of TOR’s for a Lord Mayors Cadet? Can’t find anything on SP…


I doubt there will be anything as it’s not a formal position or post, just something invented by them.

Will settle for Lord Lieutenants Cadet TOR’s if anyone has them…

If those exist, I’ve never seen them, and last year I had two LLCs at once…

Now that’s just greedy

It’s ok - I ended up just writing my own!

Wasn’t my fault… where we are the LL likes to have one each from SCC, ACF, ATC and CCF. That year the CCF one was one of my CCF(RAF) cadets. But the SCC failed to nominate anyone (they’re not big this far from the sea), and the LL came back to the CCF to ask if there was a CCF(RN) cadet who could step up so he had someone in RN uniform for events. Not many RN sections in our county; and as it happened I had a very excellent CCF(RN) cadet who was well up to the task…

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We have had 2 LLCs at a time on a couple of occasions since the lieutenancy served is based on the home address of the cadet and not the unit’s address. At times we could have had 3!

I guess the CCF in a boarding school uses the school as the “home” address or it could all get very interesting :slight_smile:

It does, but we have to select cadets who can do a decent number of ‘duties’. In practice of those two, one lived in the same county as the boarding school and the other in London and could get here easily. This year for example I couldn’t put my best cadet up for selection as his home address is Singapore.