I’ve been told that the main distance limitations with TOPLs/EUFs is that they must be “within walking distance” to the standard Unit Footprint, but I was wondering if someone knows if 1.2Km is pushing the limit on “walking distance”.

For context, the area we’re hoping to use (mainly for AT/Land Nav) is a nature reserve which is accessible via a public path through a farmer’s field from the squadron, which is 1.2Km or a 10-15min walk, or 1.4Km from a nearby road which takes 2-3mins to get to the reserve’s car park from the squadron.

In my eyes it’s the very definition of walking distance but I don’t want to go through the headache of both the EUF and TOPL application process to be told it’s too far away.

I would just go for it because it then become more work to deny & then clarify the policy than it would to approve.

Rule of thumb is was given was no more than 10-15 minute walk so someone can run back to the unit in an emergency.

As long as the distance doesn’t result in you getting bronze DofE badge you should be fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ask the TSA their opinion before submitting the requests.


Tbh, any EUF application I’d be engaging with them before doing anything more than prep work.


Makes a lot of sense. Save everyone hassle if it’s a straight no.


You can mitigate a lot of riska by stipulating things like…

Locations of defibs… best case buy one.
Safery car will be at the EUF.
Mobile phone coverage check. Put in a map of coverage as an atachment.
Attach the exact lesson plans you will use for the activities so that everything is in the open.


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