Too much uniform in stock

Having gone through uniform last night I have noticed we have a lot of uniform that I can’t see us shifting in the near future. Would it be an idea to contact Wing about making a uniform group of sorts where sqns can list what they have etc and instead of ordering new kit in they could actually just pop to the Sqn that has what they need and maybe swap items etc?

In past we had same issue but just sent an email out to local Sqns with sizes stock soon went down

Seen it done, or just advertise it on existing wing/sector group?

If it’s blues, take back to Stores at parent station!

Where they will dispose of it!
I’d offer it around locally first, especially if any of it is new.


cough ebay cough

Edit for clarity. Twas not serious

Christ, don’t ebay it.
That’s as close to a capital offence as you can get in the ATC.

If it’s large quantities of MTP my Sqn will gladly trade you for it.

Or cash for clothes places if you have old useless clothing

It’s blues mainly, skirts and trousers etc. When ex cadets hand back any uniform it often ends up being used to clean the sqn. We don’t have much greens in stores :neutral_face: And I wouldn’t sell uniform on ebay as it’s not ours to sell when I know it would help other Sqn’s out…hence this post :grin: