Toilets And Changing Clothes


I’ve been thinking of joining the air cadets soon, but i’m quite socially anxious and easily embarrassed. I know that every location differs, but can you help me answer some of my questions?

  1. Toilets/Trips

When you go on trips of places off site (e.g. camping) what’s the general toilet situation? I’m a very shy person and like i said, i’m quite socially anxious, so i tend to worry about these things a lot.

  1. Changing

Are we able to come in uniform or do you have to get changed onsite?

I’ve been trying to find any answers to these questions but i’ve gotten no where. Any help would be appreciated!


This will vary from camp to course. However by and large it’s standard toilets in your cadet building & then it varies due to activity. Unless you are doing a full wild camp which is unlikely to be in your first year you will have standard facilities.

If your are in Northern Ireland the rules might be different but for everywhere else you arrive at the unit in uniform but with a civilian jacket over the top so it’s not obvious when travelling. Your unit will brief you all this when you join.

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Perfect, thanks for your help! :slight_smile: