TNS - Bader

Why can’t generic squadron bader accounts access TNS?

You’ve lost me here, what is TNS in relation to Bader?

Looking around Sharepoint it looks like it’s a Wing specific thing. It’s our Training Nomination System so a sort of online sign up sheet for courses run by the Wing. It’s not perfect but can work but apparently generic squadron accounts don’t have access.

So with my Non ACO hat on.

Everything is SharePoint is based on membership of the relevant group in order to have permission to view or edit certain sites / pages etc.

If Site A is created with Permission 1, and thing created in Site A will by default have Permission 1. Users can be removed from Permission 1 for new sections but not added as they will need to access Site A in order to access the next section (unless they have a direct link)

For Wing Sites your Bader POC sets these permissions on new elements. It would appear in this case that the Sqn General accounts do not have permission to even view your TNS let alone edit.

There is good reason for a lack of editing as there is a limited audit trail with a General Account as to who completed this, and in the case of your TNS Wing Policy may be that nominations can only come form OC/Adj/Trg/SNCO role holders.

Might be worth asking your Bader POC for the General Accounts to have Read Access to this list.

Hope all of this makes sense :slight_smile:

I can understand the OC getting special ‘permissions’, although I’ve given my staff every possible permission on SMS to do things as not to seems daft. In general I can’t think of many things special enough to restrict access or not pass the information. Mind you I have noticed that some forms can’t be altered / edited by us as we aren’t considered able. I’m glad I’m not as expert as the people at HQAC on using things, as I wouldn’t have the job I do now.

Why do HQAC insist on this policy of effectively ostracising large parts of the volunteer staff? I think it is another way in which they people feel they aren’t trusted / wanted / unworthy, by the ‘board’ as a result they leave. Which is why I have done as above, to at least nod to the fact they can do things without constantly behind them. What do they think happens in the workplace, if people have a job to do they get the relevant permissions … in the ATC ALL volunteer staff need effectively the same permissions, given that people are away and you may need to ask someone else to do it.

As the OC I feel I should be able to assign people roles on “Bader” and they get on with it, ie OC’s doing the change of roles at sqn level themselves.