Timescales - DBS / BPSS

just a quick question is there an average tome to get the DBS and BPSS completed ?

I’m chapping at the bit to get stuck in but unable to do so until the DBS and BPSS are in.

We’ve currently had a DBS application completed that took 6 weeks but we still use the paper application forms (AEF) however, we also had one done using Ucheck and it took 48 hours.

BPSS shouldn’t take more than a week.

Provided the references actually respond.


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I know that one reference has had a call and answered all the questions.

eDBS very quick usually. Even if it is your first ever it should be under a week. As long as you’ve done the form correctly for BPSS your wing staff should get it done pretty quick.
What are you going in as, CI?

CI initially with a plan to go uniformed commissioned, this was suggested by the Sqn Co.

Previous experience (ex RAF) and civilian life career is good fit for the uniformed route.

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All depends on what stage the DBS is at. Normally stages 1-3 is very quick, but stage 4 (the stage where the form is sent to local police force to declare any ‘relevant information’) can take a while. Recently, it’s been taking over 60 days, this is due to resources and all dependent on the police force

eDBS - days
BPSS - a week

Both dependant on form being completed correctly and WHQ dealing in a timely manner.

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I get there is a process to follow and nobody wants to see the RAFAC in the newspaper for someone slipping past the net. But it would be great if any potential CI’s could get on and do their homework before getting to squadron proper.

Having chatted to a friend who has just joined the army cadets there process is you attend a classroom under supervision to complete mandatory training then once the checks are complete then you get to go to your chosen detachment.

I’ve never understood how you can have guest speakers or Babcock staff as long as CFAV are present, but not a potential CFAV with a CFAV present.

But yes, the electronic DBS is working as the system should and most I’ve known are coming back within a few days. It does need the OC to confirm they’ve checked ID, but there’s none of this “wait for a batch and process” before the next person in the chain does the same thing.

BPSS is still more varied. Assuming the right person has done the ID check, it still needs the time to reach WHQ, then it’s all about their workload and efficiency. Once they’re on it, if the references are on the ball it’s a quick turnaround because there’s no real further processing up the chain.

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BPSS is back and ticked on my Bader profile just DBS to go.

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Durham diocese found anything from 5hrs to 5mths for dbs, couldn’t see any pattern… Recommend putting bpss in first, to avoid dbs “timing out” while waiting for bpss. MoD want parents’ place of birth even tho form says you don’t need it, so don’t blame wing staff if stuff gets knocked back even tho you’ve obeyed the instructions on the form! Keep backups of any hard copies :slight_smile:

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BPSS goes no further than WHQ who upload to SMS.

As an SC cleared OC I’m authorised to compete and then forward to WHQ for upload.

Takes a visit to the sqn with ID docs and a complete form (1 week)

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Maybe where you are. Policy may allow it, but that doesn’t mean it’s allowed.

It is.

Para 6 of Pers 103 in ACP 20

  1. Once complete, the applicant is required to present the completed BPSS and MD F134 paperwork to the WExO/RAFAC Sqn OC (nominated deputy agreed by WExO) or CCF SNCO.

Wexos like to empire build this kind of stuff to make it harder than it should be

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Only certain officers can verify ID in our Wing, if you’ve done a course … :roll_eyes:


And words


Perfect example of why local policy is the root cause of why delivery in this org so god damn difficult.


I’m aware.

It becomes even more stupid when you factor in that we can ID check for DBS.

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