Ties on Beret

I was issued a new beret and on the back there are ties(ribbon?)which can be pulled. They came tied in a neat bow. After shaping do I cut the ties off or do I leave them?

Make sure that beret fits your head, tie the ribbon in a double knot then cut off the ends and poke the knot into the leather lining! Then shape it well :wink:


What I usually do is tie it into a tight double knot, trim the ends and set fire to the last bits that stick out so they burn off and melt to fuse the knot together. But if your head’s still growing them don’t do that!

Got a beret that fits without them so removed ir

If your beret fits perfectly with them undone, just remove them. If you need them done up, tie in a knot and carefully poke the ends back into the leather band. Lets you adjust it later if you get it wrong.

That’s what I’ve always done

I cut mine off, however I believe my head’s still growing. So bad idea!