So, what does everyone think of Threads? Will you be jumping on-board? Will it be a flash in the pan or a serious contender to Twitter?

Personally, I never used Twitter much - it seemed a bit of an echo chamber. I do use Facebook and Instagram (not Tik-Tok or Snapchat) so I am going to give it a go.

Almost certainly won’t give it a go, but then I don’t do Twitter either.

I think it could destroy Twitter, and that’d be mostly Twitter’s (Elon’s) fault.

And they’d be losing to the dark overlord that is Zuckerberg…

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The amount of personal data, including protected categories of data, that it collects means it’s currently unavailable in the EU as there are concerns it falls foul of GDPR.

Until that stance changes, I’ll be keeping clear of it. I’ve already absolutely minimised my interactions with other Meta apps and sites.

This. ^

Though I imagine for those that are already content, they’re “in for a penny”…

I use Twitter as I find it much more useful for finding out what is happening regarding a particular topic or person, real-time events, emerging news, etc. I dont post much.

Instagram is the one I struggle with. Instead of just being able to repost stuff you like with a single tap you seem to have to save the image, recreate any text yourself, etc. That’s too much like hard work.


no but then i am not on Twitter

i reckon a serious contender - Meta for all their faults do successfully run Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp…this is just another platform being run by people who run these platforms - Twitter headed by what appears to be the volatile Musk is yet to recover from his ownership based on Media reports and his continual medling from the format that worked

this for the reasons above

someone once said
Facebook is how you interact with the people you went to school with
Twitter is how you interact with the people you wish you went to school with

it Threads can capture the magic Twitter had ~2 years ago I think it will only build upon it rather than restrict it (as Musk appears to do)

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And I reckon all they need to do is play it safe and provide pre-Elon Twitter and they’ll reach critical mass pretty quickly.

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Threads so far has been disappointing. The only promising feature is potential fediverse integration. Even then it’s just another app to use once every month probably.

I thought this was about the nuclear war drama… was considering if something had gone on in the news to bring it back to relevance :joy:


This basically… especially with the divergance of Twitter away from the level playing field and more and more push to get people to pay for it. The recent rate limiting changes has annoyed a lot of people.

I thought people were asking what they require to sew on their TRF patches !

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When you say Threads, those of a certain generation will just be thinking of this…


Is there anywhere it can be watched in full?

I’m too young to have seen it when it first came out, but it’s always been on the to watch list.

Think it’s on Vimeo if you have an account but it’s also here free to watch.


[Threads 1984 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive]

I watched it in full on YouTube a few years ago, but it’s probably fallen foul of copyright algorithms by now.